7 Awesome Examples of Steampunk Art and Media


Steampunk today can be defined in multiple ways. When it comes to art and media, it is looked at as a sub-genre of science fiction that uses technology and aesthetic designs inspired by the 19th century. And as I’m sure you know, this aesthetic can lead to some truly breathtaking art and designs.

In this article, we’ve put together a short and sweet list of some awesome examples of Steampunk in art and media. Each of these really epitomize the incredible style of Steampunk.

1: Steampunk Darth Vader Mask

For a lot of us, Star Wars has a permanent place in our hearts. This definitely holds true for a lot of Steampunk fans out there. Darth Vader, possibly the most well known villain in pop culture today, had a Steampunk makeover with this particular piece. This reworked version of Vader’s classic mask is made with a brass finish. The bolts holding the various metal pieces together really add to the Steampunk aesthetic as well making this one a really eye catching piece of Steampunk art.

2: Steampunk Jetpack

Is there any better way of escaping than by using a Steampunk Jetpack? When it comes to the world of fantasy, the answer to the above question is “No”. This particular piece just bleeds Steampunk. Between, the brass finishes, the goggles, the pipe, and of course the jetpack that even sports a pair of wings, this art just exudes the Steampunk aesthetic that we all love.

3: Steampunk Mouse

Steampunk enthusiasts have been crafting steampunk keyboards and case mods for a while now. It wasn’t long before other modifications started to become popular, like this Steampunk computer mouse for example. The mouse looks amazing in a perfect combination of orange, copper, and wood. It’s probably our favorite way to interact with a computer here at Steampunk Heaven.

4: Steampunk Coffee Machine

The Steampunk aesthetic has remained a common feature in a large amount of the high-end coffee machines for years now. That’s probably because coffee machines are mostly built around minuscule steam boilers. The image here showcases a collection of three gleaming steampunk coffee machines by Electra. These units carry every single feature that any Steampunk fan might need in brass, copper and stainless steel cases respectively. To top it off, they can all make a damn good cup of coffee 🙂

5: Steampunk Taxidermy

This particular niche of Steampunk is definitely unique. Although some may find this form of the Steampunk aesthetic a bit disconcerting, you can’t deny that it’s one of a kind. With this combination of the mechanical and organic world, there’s no denying the fact that the concepts shown here are unique and incredible. These works all include an opening that exposes the inner “Steampunk” workings of the animal. In the picture above you’ll notice the gears and brass instruments inside that finish off the Steampunk look.

6: Steampunk Raygun

There are many variations of this particular idea but that doesn’t make it any less awesome ( Be sure to check out our Pinterest for some other examples of Steampunk Rayguns ). The good news is that Steampunk Raygun can actually be purchased. These gritty-looking, instrument adorned weapons give off an antique appearance that’s sure to make any Steampunk fan happy. The best part? You can actually purchase these on the internet if you look hard enough 😉

7: Steampunk Pirate Bandanna

Pirates and Steampunk are concepts that can come together nicely. These simple yet sweet twists on bandanas can be purchased or created on your own without too much trouble. By adding some sweet gear designs to these items you can give off a nice Steampunk touch. But the main reason we added this to our list is to showcase just how easy it can be to add some awesome Steampunk style of every day items. So with that said, hopefully some of you will be inspired to craft your own Steampunk designs!

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