Five Of The Most Epic Steampunk Cosplays We’ve Ever Seen


Steampunk, once a niche subculture that barely had any followers, has finally entered the mainstream.

But is anyone surprised this awesome niche blew up to what it is today? The retro-futuristic philosophy and aesthetic that steampunk espouses make for some very interesting and great-looking worlds. And fortunately for the rest of us, the genre also translates well to various media like video games, movies, and television shows

With such a growing fanbase among the masses, some dedicated fans have pushed their enthusiasm for the genre to the next level by making some of the most epic steampunk-inspired costumes around. Here are some of the best ones:

#1 – Steampunk Batman


A Victorian-era Bruce Wayne toying around with steam-powered industrial machinery is an image that doesn’t stray too far away from the character of this techie superhero. So it’s really not surprising that some creative fans gave the Bats his own steampunk treatment.

One of the best steampunk-ed Batman costumes out there is this one worn by a fan during the 2014 Steampunk World Tour in Japan. With a a weathered leather jacket, oversized goggles, mechanical spring-loaded wings, and trademark utility pockets, it’s the best thing that any DC steampunk fan can ever hope for.

#2 – Elizabeth from BioShock Infinite


The steampunk influences of Bioshock Infinite – unarguably one of this decade’s most gorgeous games – is pretty obvious. From the architecture of the floating city of Colombia, to the guns, the Sky Hook, and the costumes- it’s pretty much the world of steampunk come to life.

The main heroine Elizabeth is not your usual damsel-in-distress, but still, she goes around fighting baddies with Booker in a corseted dress. Not the best outfit for gunfights and multi-verse travel, if you ask us.

To remedy this, cosplayer Kristan Rocha gave her own unique twist to Elizabeth’s in-game outfit that made it more suitable for action. Instead of a flowing skirt, Rocha used pants (more specifically, a style of horse-riding pants known as “jodhpurs). The whole get-up- complete with the iconic Sky Hook, of course- made Elizabeth look so much more badass.

#3 – Asami Sato from the Legend of Korra


Legend of Korra’s Republic City was envisioned by former Avatar Aang and his friends to be a utopia where people from different bending arts (i.e. air, fire, water, earth) and non-benders alike can live in relative peace. However, as we’ve seen during Korra’s time, Republic City isn’t exactly the wonderful utopia that Avatar Aang pictured it to be. It is an industrial city (very steampunk-inspired from the looks of it) that has dark and unsavory characters, plus a whole lot of nasty stuff that Avatar Korra now has to deal with.

One of the major characters of the show is Asami Sato, daughter of the city’s richest industrialist Hiroshi Sato. As an inventor herself, Asami’s outfit just oozes steampunk. Paired with an Equalist glove, her main weapon of choice, it’s the perfect costume for the dangerously stylish among us.

Cosplayer Darth-Karou from Deviantart wears an exact replica of Asami’s suit and glove from the show, which comes complete with an epic Equalist glove.

#4 – Steampunk Ironman


This costume didn’t win the 2014 Marvel costume contest in Comic Con for nothing.
Marvel’s resident genius, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist gets a steampunk treatment of his own with one of the most intricate Ironman costumes that has ever graced a Comic Con event. This steampunk Ironman suit- made by Marvel fan Thomas Willeford- is obviously modeled after the uniform of Victorian-era policemen (with its cap and baton on the side as a weapon), but it’s still so obviously Ironman. The whole thing is filled to the brim with rivets, and is just so meticulously detailed but one can’t help but wonder how Willeford was able to craft this thing from scratch.

#5 – Steampunk Disney Princesses


It’s hard to imagine Disney princesses not wearing the usual Disney garb of dresses and gowns, but these cosplayers decided to bend that rule to awesome effect.

Instead of flowing skirts and dresses and gowns, these ladies gave their own unique steampunk twist to popular Disney princesses’ costumes, making them much more epic and interesting than usual. These princesses don’t need no saving anymore, they can handle their own, thank you very much. These are the perfect costumes for girls and steampunk fans who are tired of the same old princess tropes that these Disney gals perpetuate.

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